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The Future Of Work Is Play (How To Create Your Own Career)

Obsession is your key to greatness.

Expose yourself to more experience, not distraction, and let curiosity pull you down a rabbit hole of discovery.

Once you find the thing you can’t pull yourself away from, work to make it a sustainable part of your life.

This is a lesson I discovered in my childhood.

I have always been obsessed with finding a better way of living.

Everywhere I went, I paid close attention to people’s actions. Not for the sake of judgment, but discernment. I wanted to understand what actions led to a good life and which led to a bad life.

I often found myself questioning what, how, and why.

What were they pursuing?

If every action is toward a conscious or unconscious goal, it seemed like everyone was eager to be overweight, unhealthy, overworked, and broke. They didn’t have self-generated goals that shaped their decision-making.

How did that person get to where they are?

Why did they look that way?

Was it because they picked up a 1000-calorie dessert drink for breakfast with a sandwich that leaked grease from its wrapper?

Why did they go to the same job that clearly caused them immense suffering?

How did they not see the opportunity all around them? The digital world unfolding right before their eyes? A world of information and technology they can use to learn and build in record time?

Due to my questioning, I had conditioned myself to think that getting a 9-5 job was the worst outcome that could happen in my life.

It seemed like once people accepted a job offer, they were doomed to a life of comfort.

They would fill their plate with never-ending responsibilities – a mortgage, spouse, and kids – before they had the financial capability to truly dedicate their time and energy to those things. It looked like they were quick to become an adult, but were never able to reap the rewards of being one.

They chained themselves to a paycheck because they never made the choices that led to more money and time.

The danger of employment goes far beyond this.

Before we dive in, Kortex (the software) is nearing completion. Kortex (University) are the one’s who get early access along with a revolutionary curriculum for the future of work (that schools can’t teach).

The Psychology & Danger Of Employment

I see 9-5 jobs as a stepping stone.

My problem with them is that they breed complacency and are dangerous for your psyche.

Challenge is what makes life fun and interesting.

If you halt your personal evolution by never pursuing something more, you lose purpose and fulfillment.

Entrepreneurship is the only logical option for long-term thinkers.

Entrepreneurship is the path of uncertainty.

Like slashing your way through the jungle.

You are required to learn skills that aren’t taught in schools.

You are required to be okay with failure, rejection, and slow progress.

You are required to learn from your mistakes, show up again tomorrow, and push until your strike gold.

Your psyche is wired to hunt.

The physical world has changed much faster than our mind can adapt.

We still have the same neurobiological processes as our ancestors.

If you stay in a 9-5 job for too long, you become a monkey in a cubicle.

When you get stuck in a 9-5 (or a new 9-5 like an agency or freelancing) you live in the eternal known. You can’t make new discoveries in the known.

You get bored, depressed, and see life as meaningless because the only dopamine you get is from superficial sources.

You never take risks, push into the unknown, and discover new knowledge, tools, and potentials that raise dopamine levels in the brain.

As an entrepreneur, you “hunt” for your survival by gathering knowledge, creating a valuable product, and putting it in front of people who could benefit from it.

You don’t have to hunt for your food, but you have to hunt for the resources to acquire food, like money to put toward a better future.

Aristotle condemned manual labor as harmful to the body and soul.

The Ancient Greeks saw work as a necessary part of life. But only as a means to leisure, creativity, and contemplation as they considered them the keys to happiness.

Without work, leisure loses its meaning and vice versa.

Life begins to lack balance and contrast.

Manual work isn’t always bad. But completing mindless tasks for the sake of survival or status makes you no different than a robot or animal.

The Future Of Work Is Play

There are almost 7B people on this planet. Someday, I hope, there will be almost 7B companies. — Naval

Money is a tool for building what you want but doesn’t yet exist.

It’s not for the material acquisition of cars and houses (although those can be achieved through a deeply spiritual vessel like business, investing, or self-development).

Technology and the internet are how you build a solution that leads to personal and collective progress.

Evolution is about solving problems with technology.

That’s what we do as humans. That is our edge. That is what sets you apart from other beings and has led to the complex world we live in filled with skyscrapers, libraries, sports, and the infinite internet.

We build, create, and solve our own problems with a plan, focus, and creativity.

Humans have the innate drive to survive the information in their genes and consciousness.

We have built technology since the dawn of time for the sake of life extension and youth extension.

The drive to preserve our physical bodies is natural, but it’s not for the reason that most people think.

Humans survive on the conceptual level.

We attempt to reproduce the contents of our minds.

The ideas, beliefs, and values that make us who we are.

Is a child just a physical body? When they are born, do they have a “self?” Are you creating a child just by birthing them physically? Or are you spewing your spiritual seed into their minds to create their identity?

For us to become immortal, the drive to survive our physical form and extend our youth is necessary to increase the time in which we can spread our ideas to ripple throughout consciousness and (hopefully) win the battle of good against evil. The biosphere (biology) must remain intact for the noosphere (mind) to expand and transcend to whatever is next.

In this sense, it makes sense why we do what we do.

Authors write books to become immortal and pass down their ideas to create selves around the world.

Authors and creators have had more children than Genghis Khan.

We read books and adopt ideas that align with our goals as a part of our identity.

And since most people have the goals that society assigned to them, they are perceiving and storing information that reinforces their identity. The masses are the children of society.

This all points a finger at the future of work.

Through evolution and technology, we have been removing labor work from our eyes.

To me, this seems like the human drive to pursue creative work further to advance the expansion and unity of mind and consciousness.

We want to do what we want, when we want, in a positive direction by pursuing our interests, solving our problems, and building solutions that create heaven on Earth.

Never has this been more of an option for the majority of the population.

We have the technology available to us to create our ideal lives with the internet.

The Digital Renaissance

The future of work, in my eyes, belongs to the creative.

The writers.

The designers.

The speakers.

The builders.

The creators.

The synthesizers.

The highest-paid individuals are and will be those who use the creative ability of their mind to solve problems that prevent progress in humanity.

This is what I teach in 2 Hour Writer.

Ideas are the building blocks of a better future.

Ideas are the primary pursuit of the creative worker.

What people don’t realize is that there is a way to achieve impossible ideas. You just need to create a path that allows you to actualize that reality.

Elon Musk wanted to land on Mars.

A few years ago, this was impossible, but it is becoming more and more possible by the day.

He didn’t start with SpaceX.

He made smart choices (among many dumb ones, you can’t skip making mistakes) to the point of having companies, capital, and a path to land on Mars.

Most people try to make the impossible possible but fail because they skipped building the ideas that must come before.

The plow came before the tractor.

The filing cabinet came before a second brain.

The horse-drawn carriage came before the car.

And most of the time, people didn’t know that the car could have existed had they not built the other solutions that made it a possibility.

In a practical sense, you have no idea what is possible for your future. And you will never find out if you don’t build a solution for the personal problems in your life.

We are going through what seems to be a second Renaissance. A digital one. An eternal one.

As we expand to new planets and the human race hits trillions in numbers, there will be thousands of Einsteins and Nietzsches.

We are back in a time where artists, thinkers, and creatives are rewarded for their risk.

This is not a time for specialists.

Nor is it a time for generalists.

We live in a time of specialized generalism.

You must laser in on a specific vision for the future and acquire the general skill and knowledge that will actualize each ascending goal that creates that vision.

Success is not as simple as learning one skill.

As we will find, self-education and skill acquisition – for life – in alignment with a self-generated goal is your key to sovereignty.

The New Economy

The Universe divides and reunites like the ocean evaporates and condenses back down into rain.

We will call this a cycle of centralization and decentralization.

Social media has caused a shift from centralized media to decentralized media.

Synthesizers – or creators – are decentralized media companies.

They compose the new public school system that is available to anyone with an internet connection.

Individuals are creating new jobs, teaching new information, and creating new paths that schools and government can’t keep up with.

Few people recognize the importance of social media as the new digital society.

Most people see it as a place to entertain themselves and use to complete a few tasks at work.

In reality, media shapes culture, society, and the economy.

Media is how we learn.

Media is how we get new information.

Media is how we communicate the value of our businesses.

Media consumes a large portion of our lives. It creates a social fabric that people rely on for civilization to operate as it does.

Social media is the collective consciousness that spreads ideas for people to adopt as a part of their identity.

Identity influences perspective. Perspective influences perception. Perception influences what we deem important or valuable to our lives.

Social media, whether you are on it or not, changes our behavior on a personal level and ripples throughout society through communication. Social media is creating new selves with the ideas hosted on it and adopted from it.

A creator can send out a message to millions of people in the blink of an eye. Imagine trying to send a message to one million people 50 years ago. It would have taken months if not much longer.

Social media changes how we spend our money because it changes what message is adopted and spread by creators.

There are the synthesizers who pursue their own goals, collect ideas to creatively achieve them, and distribute a valuable message to their readers.

Then there are the general influencers who attract the masses with looks, rather than depth, for the sake of reinforcing their ego. They may be unconsciously leading society toward a dead end.

The world needs more synthesizers.

The value creators explore unknown crevices of reality and distribute ideas that others can build with the technology available to them that leads to collective progress.

If you want to become a synthesizer, this is why I started Kortex University, you can apply for admissions here.

With automation and AI seeing exponential growth, it only makes sense that people will get their media fix from humans.

Personal brands. Creators. Synthesizers. Same thing, different nuance and impact.

People who educate, entertain, and inspire according to their interests.

Unless we rewrite the collective psyche (which hasn’t changed much in a few hundred years) then this is inevitable. People are attracted to people, not robots.

Robots have their place in decreasing labor and increasing human creativity, though.

Modern business is an extension of the self.

It is a vessel for your purpose.

Your purpose evolves, and you must solve the superficial problems in your life to reach your deepest purpose.

The pattern here are the eternal markets (where the most money flows).

Health, wealth, and relationships.

Solve your own problems by acquiring the skill and knowledge necessary to do so through the internet.

Pass down what you learn in the form of free content and paid products.

By doing so, you not only create an independent income source, but massive social leverage.

The new economy is composed of creators that sell products which lead to progress within their community.

Some sell information. Some sell cotton clothes because they see danger in polyester as an endocrine disruptor. Some sell skin care products.

As the barrier for product creation lowers thanks to technology, we can earn a living doing what we enjoy while improving ourselves (and those in our community or readership) beyond measure.

How To Create Your Own Career

Curiosity leads to learning.

Learning leads to obsession.

Obsession leads to a life that you never thought was possible.

A life filled with enjoyment, winning, and an impact on those who see the value in the path you’ve carved out of reality.

With the – rapidly evolving – technology available to use, we no longer have to remain a puppet of society.

We can make the conscious personal choice to use the tools that have been built for us in the new economy.

We have the chance to create a career, not be assigned one.

This is the career path of the future, the direction you take is your choice within it:


A synthesizer is a Digital Renaissance Man.

They are constant self-educators.

They acquire the knowledge and skill to actualize their goals.

They let the goals they create, not the one’s society assigned to them, be their interest compass.

The future of work is based on creativity, not productivity.

Creativity is using your diverse knowledge that you acquire from learning skills and interests to achieve a goal.

If you have not learned anything outside of what you have been told to learn, you probably haven’t invested in your own goals, and you have a long way to go.

As discussed in last weeks letter, goals shape the entirety of your life, identity, and the knowledge you acquire.

This is less about becoming an expert in certain skills and interests.

This is more about having a constant influx of information to fuel what you are building to achieve your goals.

If you haven’t started yet, you must start with the foundation.

Mind, body, spirit, and business.

Educate yourself on how to solve the most burning, profitable problems in your own life and others.

If you want to make money reasonably fast, you must solve your superficial problems and help others solve theirs.

Do your part in raising the collective consciousness by helping others transcend the problems that keep them in a lower state of consciousness.

Learn, build, and sell a product around fitness, relationships, mental health, and financial freedom.

By pursuing these goals, your path will be unique. It’s obvious that nobodies path is the same. The knowledge you acquire by achieving these goals is unique to you.

Everybody’s niche is self-actualization.

Before this technological revolution, people did not self-actualize in public.

The ones building rockets are also in the self-actualization niche. They are advancing human potential.

But, you have the ability to improve yourself, earn from it, and then pursue whatever you want.

Code & Content

To take advantage of the future of work there are certain skills you must acquire.

The Meta Skills

Code and content create the internet.

They umbrella every other skill you will need to learn.

And if everything that can be done on the internet will be done on the internet, learning these is not optional.

Results Oriented Skills

You don’t need to learn to code, but you need technical know-how.

You need to understand the tools you can use to build a better life.

Email marketing, graphic design, video editing, website and funnel building

These are all technical tools to help you establish your foothold as a personal brand in the digital society.

“Code,” in this sense, is digital real estate.

Learn everything you can to build more digital real estate that people can find and follow.

The Evergreen Skills

Code is the vessel for content, and content is the only way to get in front of others to attract them to your product.

Writing, speaking, marketing, and sales are the skills that provide the impactful message for your results oriented skills.

You can’t just write a social post and expect it to do well.

You need to understand mechanics and psychology.

Marketing and sales are applied mechanics and psychology.

Personal Interests

Now, you are learning the vast array of skills that are required to build a business (your digital resume) in today’s age on social media.

You’ve learned to write, speak, market, and sell through your emails, content, and web pages.

That – plus actually posting things – is how you start to build an audience.

But your personal interests are what set you apart and determine what you sell.

Any of the above relating to business can be considered personal interests, but so can anything you’ve learned studying the mind, body, or spirit.

Your job is to use your skills to monetize the interests that make you unique.

Employees & Entrepreneurs

Most people dream of being the CEO of a billion-dollar company but can’t even be the CEO of their own life.

The employee mindset is a difficult to break:

  • You don’t pursue anything other than what you know
  • You don’t continue developing your skillset beyond the work that is assigned to you
  • You wait to be told what to do in your work and life, you don’t make the decision yourself

Your parents are still your bosses even though you’ve moved out. The programming still tugs at your mind.

Entrepreneurs have a distinct set of traits that align with our ancestors and nature:

  • They push into the unknown and create new paths
  • They build solutions to creative problems that advance humanity
  • They never stop acquiring knowledge and applying it in reality

You can take either path in the new economy.

Employers hire based on your social media.

Creators hire based on your social media.

Brands hire based on your social media.

Clients hire based on your social media.

Customers buy based on your social media.

You can be an employee, but understand that entrepreneurship is an eventual step you will have to take if you want full control over your life and income.

Assigned & Created Products

“Everyone has a product nowadays.”

I saw this under a post by Chris Williamson promoting his new productivity drink.

The commenter said it as a negative.

As if they aren’t working for someone else who has a product.

Yes, everyone has a product nowadays. Because it is a requirement if you don’t want to be assigned a product to sell.

“I don’t want to sell, it’s sleazy.”

Then you dont understand sales. You are selling me your ideas right now to reproduce and survive your narrow identity.

By doing nothing, you allow people less conscious and intelligent than you to have more attention, impact, and money than you.

By doing nothing, you become a puppet to society and are assigned an unconscious life to live of selling others products and never realizing it.

Create a product that you would buy, use, and benefit from.

That is the only shortcut in business.

You belong to a niche, you have purchased products from that niche, and if you understand anything about business, you should skip 50% of the trial and error and sell what you’ve bought, but better.

Distribution & Leverage

Build distribution, then build whatever you want. – Jack Butcher

How to start a billion-dollar company:


Start as one person.

Leverage the technology available to you.

Deploy digital real estate until you have ample distribution of your products and services.

Write posts every single day that live on your profile.

Network with people to get them shared (so you can grow without the algorithm).

Get on podcasts to build your authority.

Plug your newsletter so you own your audience.

Give away small free products to build your newsletter more.

Sell a low-ticket product to have more people dedicated to your brand.

With an audience of 10,000, newsletter of 1,000, and network of 100 – you can do anything you want.

You have the resources to make a full time income at this point.

Beyond that, you can funnel extra cash into building your dream company or investing.

This letter was for big picture understanding.

For practical steps, click on any of the links in this letter for previous letters of products to help.

Thank you for reading.


P.S. Kortex University gets early access to our software. Plus, the education experience is unmatched for creating your own career in the new economy. Apply today to be enrolled in the next cohort.

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