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What Mushrooms (The Drug) Taught Me About Life & Business

Over the past years, I have experimented with psilocybin, magic mushrooms, on and off.

Disclaimer: [insert disclaimer text here about not being an idiot and doing your own research before ingesting a chemical that can alter your mental state]

This past month I started experimenting again. Microdosing 1-2x a week because I can appreciate the power of this substance.

This last time around, I was taught a very important lesson. One about honeycomb and the infinite opportunities that are staring you straight in the face. Opportunities that allow you to appreciate, understand, master, and monetize anything that surrounds you.

The Iceberg Of Opportunity

Let’s start with the honeycomb. Yes, honeycomb. The beautiful and delicious byproduct of fuzzy little flying bugs. The last time I microdosed, I went to the local farmers market, was suckered into free samples of raw honey, and picked up this fine specimen.

1 Pound Of Honeycomb

Now, when most people see this honeycomb, that’s it. It stops there. It looks tasty, they might buy some, but they fail to see the depth behind it. They fail to reap the benefits of curiosity because they are conditioned to get distracted. Wrapped up with the next task they need to accomplish, the notifications they need to check, constant internal dialogue… the list goes on.

When you are curious, that is… when you are present, not distracted by “chatter in the skull,” negativity, or anything else that widens the gap between who you are and who you are becoming (per the last letter)… you open yourself up to the world. You allow your intrinsic intuition to notice the infinite novel experiences around you. Not the fabricated novelty that big business uses to keep you in the chains of cheap dopamine (per the last last last letter).

Through that curiosity, you see that the honeycomb is not just honeycomb. You question. You think. You dig for the novelty that creates synapses in your brain. Birthing chemicals that lead to motivation (the good kind), passion, purpose, and potential mastery.

What is the process that created the honeycomb? How long does it take for it to be made? What kind of plant, tree, or flower did that specific honey come from? What is the beekeepers role? How do they manufacture the honey? How did it get into my hands? Why should people eat honey? Is there too much sugar in honey? Is sugar good or bad for you? What does bioenergetic nutrition look like and why does it promote consuming mass amounts of sugar? Does honey in coffee taste good? How is coffee made? Can I make a raw honey infused coffee, build a brand for Ray Peat zealots (bioenergetic nutrition model), and scale to $10M?

The Iceberg Of Opportunity

Do you understand how deep this can go? Do you understand the importance of not getting distracted by modern advancements? Junk food, mindless social media, drama, and all other external stimuli? Because you are suppressing your natural — childlike — curiosity. Suppressing your potential.

Wake up.

The Infinite Potential Of Reality

The “Iceberg of Opportunity” pertains to every little thing around you. Not just tangible or material objects. Thoughts, emotions, knowledge, etc. Spanning infinitely across all planes of reality.

The honeycomb is an iceberg. The cellular walls of the white comb is an iceberg. “This” word is an iceberg. Everything surrounding you is an iceberg containing infinite icebergs.

Icebergs Across The X Axis
Icebergs Across The X Axis

Icebergs Across The X Axis

You can start to see how deep this goes. You can start to understand the unfathomable essence of Infinity, Truth, God, Source, The All, etc.

The fabric of reality.

Icebergs Across The X & Y Axis
Icebergs Across The X & Y Axis

Icebergs Across The X & Y Axis

It doesn’t stop at 2 dimensions. We can add a Z axis. We can add an ABCDEFG axis. That illustrates reality. Icebergs spanning across infinite planes in infinite directions. The unknown that begs to be explored when you are in the present moment — not projecting into the familiar past or predictable future. Not being blinded by your negative perceptions, ideologies, biases, beliefs, and everything else you hold onto so tight. Staying in the same familiar bubble of comfort. Living out experiences that you have already had. Suppressing your intuition. An early death.

The 4 Paths Into The Infinite Unknown

Of course, you can’t dive into anything and everything. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. You don’t want to live your life in the potential future. That would just be mental masturbation.

Instead, we want to have sex with the present moment. Planting and cultivating the seeds that will birth the reality we want for ourselves. You do this by pursuing your life’s work. Pursuing your curiosity, letting nature do it’s thing (neurochemicals aiding in purpose and passion), and going on to achieve autonomy and mastery.

There are 4 paths you can take here.

1) Appreciation –– instead of walking mindlessly and emotionally reacting to everything in life, appreciate things for the depth they hold. Let other’s enjoy things because they see the depth and chose to pursue it. Be open to new things because it is not as shallow as you think. Be awestruck by the present moment. Flow through life with appreciation and gratitude.

2) Understanding — when you feel the pull to go deeper, don’t suppress it. Shiny object syndrome only exists when you quit the path of improvement altogether. Learning and understanding something will always aid in the infinitely interconnected essence of life. My story is a direct example of this. Understanding all sides makes you more of an expert than the narrow-minded single-study “experts.” Understanding — not knowing — implies direct experience.

3) Masteryunderstanding makes you a jack-of-all-trades. Mastery makes you a jack-of-all-trades, master of one. The favorable outcome in today’s marketplace and society. This takes trial, error, and small risk. Your path to mastery will change. All you must do is remain present and on the path. This is your life’s work.

4) MonetizationYou can monetize anything nowadays. Above I gave the example of raw honey coffee for bioenergetic nutrition followers. If I wanted to, I could take that business to multiple 8 figures… but that is not my life’s work. That is not where my intuition has led me.

Starting The Mastery Process Now

In order to self-transcend, you must first self-actualize. In order to self-actualize, you need to play the game of money. You need to have enough capital and time to pursue your “calling.” What is most aligned with your unique being.

Since we talk about business a lot here, I will give you steps to take. These are the steps that every successful person I have spoken with has done to build leverage via the internet.

Again, not everything has to be monetized. Go all-in on one thing until you fulfill that purpose and phase of your life.

1) Become curious about one iceberg. Curiosity is the spark of potential.

2) Self-educate. Take advantage of the information available to you via the internet. Consume books, lectures, podcasts, and other content. Buy courses, coaching, or other specific knowledge that has proven results. LEARN.

3) Start a real-world project. Gain practical experience via a service business or business model of your choice. Do free work that emulates what you would get paid for. Help others, understand them and the problems you solve for them. This will advance the learning process — you cannot skip this. (This does not need to be for business-sake. Just build something in the real world.)

4) Learn the evergreen skills. The message: marketing and sales. The medium: writing and speaking. All icebergs within themselves. Start with the fundamentals. These will help you package up your knowledge into a solution to a problem you are solving. They help you display and communicate your value via modern tools and platforms. (I broke these down 2 newsletters ago).

5) Build or buy distribution. My favorite traffic source is a personal brand (on social media). It allows me to pursue my interests, teach them, and monetize anything that aligns with my lifestyle. That is what I help others build. Start on something simple and scalable like Twitter, then branch out to other platforms. If you want to dabble with paid ads, SEO, or other traffic sources, feel free.

6) Promote your “honey.” You have a product or service, you have free distribution via social media, you have the skills to communicate your value — now all you need to do is promote.

7) Productize and scale. If you want to hire employees and scale, go ahead, but don’t discount the power of the one-person business model. Online education and individual power is growing and anyone can join in. Once you have results, you can package up your knowledge into infinitely replicable digital assets. You can sell how you made the “honey.” You can sell how you sold the “honey.” You can sell anything as long as the value exceeds the cost.

If you want step-by-step courses and roadmaps for personal branding, social media growth, marketing, sales, and developing yourself into a high-value individual, join MMHQ.

Maximum Enjoyment

The lifestyle-first and one-person business approach to pursuing your life’s work is the most fulfilling path you can take (in my humble opinion). There is a reason the world is moving towards this decentralized model, and you are still early to the party. Those that value self-education, self-sufficiency, and personal responsibility will thrive like no other.

I will be diving into my thoughts behind this in the next letter. I will deconstruct “The Creator Economy” in a way that I have not seen others do yet.

By understanding the concepts laid out in this letter, you can start to create a good life for yourself out of what most people see as just “honey.”

So, I leave you with this final reminder. Wake up and stop letting random things steal your attention, focus, and dopamine.

Get “in touch with yourself” to get in touch with the world, the Universe, God, and what lies beyond “honey.”

From this present state, follow your newfound intuition, your curiosity, and dive into the unknown aspects of life.

This is the only way you can learn the lessons that life has laid out for you.

One last question…

How the hell can you be “bored?”

Dan Koe

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