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The Path Of The NPC (How To Not End Up Mediocre)

You have been copying people since you were born.

That’s how you learn to operate in society.

There are 2 paths this can lead to:

1) The path of the NPC

The NPC, or non-player character, is an individual that is a slave to their programming.

They never question their beliefs (you know, the ones that were projected on them and they accepted without a fight).

They never seek to change.

The default path of going to school, getting a job, and retiring at 65 are the only big goals they have.

They never branch into the unknown.

Their life becomes boring, mechanical, and animalistic. They never discover new potentials for their life. And even if they do, it scares them back into their comfortable hole.

2) The path of the Main Character

A main character is an individual with a clear vision for the future, self-generated goals to actualize it, and non-negotiable actions they must take on a daily basis.

They are aware that the conventional career path leads to the same mediocre lifestyle that you can observe in 99% of the population.

They understand that they must take responsibility for their lives.

They understand that they are entitled to nothing. That they must create success whether the odds are for or against them.

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You Are A Perspective Vessel In A Subjective Reality

Reality is perspective, and you are a perspective vessel.

The NPC and Main Character move through reality in the way they do because of their perspective.

Your perspective is forged with time through conditioning.

Conditioning = the information you process with your mind repeated over time until those thought processes are automatic.

Perspective and identity are closely tied.

Joe Dispenza has a saying:

“Your personality creates your personal reality.”

Your identity (your sense of who you are) influences three major things:

  • Your perspective or worldview
  • How you perceive situations from that perspective
  • The choices you make because of both

The NPC perspective is closed-minded and narrowed on the societal goals projected onto them.

The NPC is identified with the beliefs, ideas, and thoughts that they register in their awareness.

Because of their ‘average Joe’ identity, they will feel pulled to do things that align with that.

They will:

  • Make similar friends
  • Change their external appearance (to fit in)
  • Consume movies, media, and information that reinforces that identity

All of which narrow their mind on certain problems and potentials for their life.

For the NPC, the problems often involve paying the bills, advancing their career in a corporate power ladder, and saving a few bucks here and there for retirement.

Most of the information they consume will be negative, polarizing, and attention-grabbing keeping them in chains.

The most dangerous threat to society is someone who isn’t reliant on it.

From that conditioned perspective, the NPC will interpret situations and opportunities in that way.

When someone shows them a business opportunity, like starting a personal brand, their mind will flood with the excuses and defense mechanisms programmed into it by their parents, school, and news outlets.

When someone encourages them to work on their health, they attack it with whatever narrative the news has given them to defend themselves.

It is your job to become aware of your mental programming.

That is how you become the main character of your story.

You must realize and work to change the identity that you were conditioned to have in a society that glorifies mediocrity.

Changing who you are is difficult, and nobody can do it for you.

It takes intention and effort.

The Intelligent Imitation Process (Become The Main Character)

To begin conditioning your mind for success you must:

  • Set new goals for a higher quality of life
  • Immerse yourself in the information that will condition a new perspective
  • Make progress and notice the positive outcome it has on your life.

Start with what matters most:

Your mind body, spirit, and finances.

Somebody who values fitness, like a bodybuilder, will make choices that lead to a higher quality of life.

It’s baked into the identity

They will eat healthy food, train, and avoid situations that are detrimental to their progress.

The same holds true for someone who values building a business, spreading good, and a mind that is witty and wise.

The choices they make lead to more energy, less financial stress, and a deeper satisfaction from intellectual development.

Most people will think that they should try to stop copying, imitating, or being conditioned by information.

That’s impossible.

Imitation is how you learn.

The difference between the NPC and Main Character is that the latter imitates with an intelligent or conscious mind.

They are aware of what they are imitating and how it impacts their life.

The NPC will imitate the herd and go down the same path.

The main character will imitate who they deem successful in alignment with the future they want to create.

Step 1) Create a perspective you can grow into.

Perspective is reality.

If you want to create your own reality, you have to create a new perspective.

The perspective you create will give you a lens to view your present situations through.

You “grow into” that perspective through conscious practice.

Answer these questions:

  • What does my ideal day look like?
  • What do I want to do as my life’s work?
  • How do I want to impact people’s lives?
  • What do I want to look and feel like?
  • What values and habits will I have to adopt to bring those to life?

From there, practice putting on the perspective of your future self as you go about your days.

It will be difficult at first, but you will start to spot problems and opportunities that you can act on.

Step 2) Choose 3-5 “mentors” that you aspire to be like.

You become what you consume, so consume in accordance with who you want to become.

Make this process easy by writing down the 3-5 names of the people that have changed your perspective.

What is your favorite book that you recommend to everyone? Write down the author’s name.

Who is the YouTuber, podcaster, or blogger that you can’t stop watching? The one that “blows your mind” every time they post?

What social media accounts do you follow that make you think, “How did they say that so perfectly?”

Because that’s the thing… not everyone thinks that. Only you. The combination and connection of these “mentors” is how you create your own niche, perspective, and content that separates you from the crowd.

Re-read the first chapter of your favorite books again — I guarantee your brain will light up.

Step 3) Become a mad scientist.

The good life is a series of experiments.

You can’t copy it from someone else. You have to try, fail, and collect the pieces that make your individual life great.

The NPC takes what is put in front of them.

The main character leans into the trial and error that reflects in nature toward evolution and growth.

As you are immersing yourself in information from your mentors and pushing toward your goals, follow the scientific process.

  • Research – don’t mindlessly consume content. Gather it to apply to your goals.
  • Test – don’t take advice or information as law. Test if it works for your situation.
  • Experiment – don’t be dogmatic about one method. Try different diets, business models, and religious ideologies until the truth of each blurs in the middle.
  • Discover – note patterns that get results in alignment with your goals.
  • Document – write down what gets you results. This is the valuable information that you can sell or leverage.

When you treat your life as a project, it becomes profitable.

A personal brand is just discovering yourself in public and getting paid for the research you do.

Step 4) Create or be created.

The primary difference between the NPC and the Main Character is creation.

The NPC is created through years of conditioning that remains unconscious.

The Main Character is created through years of conscious conditioning (they choose their inputs).

Nobody escapes conditioning.

It’s happening all around you.

This letter is conditioning you. Hopefully toward something good.

The modern world is create or be created.

The choice is yours (at every millisecond of the day).

Enjoy your weekend.

– Dan

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